All of our online merchandise include free standard shipping and a 30-day return policy. (Customized jewelry is non-refundable). Please indicate your ring size at checkout.
What do I do if I don’t know my ring size or the ring size of the person to which I would like to give a ring?2018-06-12T12:25:46+00:00

The first option in this situation would be to give a stock ring size. This is a general size that fits most women and men separately. This sizing is typically a 6.5 for women and a 10 for men, and following the presentation, we can resize the ring.

The second and more precise option is to come into the store and experiment with our set of ring sizers. This alternative would guarantee that the ring will be made or fitted to the proper ring size.

Does DeSumma & Wexler buy diamonds and jewelry?2018-07-19T19:30:53+00:00

Yes! Our Jewelry Buyers Department buys your diamonds and jewelry.

We assess the value and quality of your pieces prior to giving you an estimate on your pieces through an evaluation process. We would love to see what you want to sell! Learn more about our process here.

What does the custom creation process consist of?2018-07-19T19:25:05+00:00

Our process begins with the consultation step. In this beginning step, we take the time to discuss what our client is looking to purchase or fix. This step is free of charge for the benefit of our customers.

Next, we use Cutting-edge Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing technology to create the detailed designs of each of our customers’ special pieces.

We then use a precise waxing model to match the rendering specifications and serve as a tangible rough draft for the finished product.

In our last steps, we utilize casting to create the perfect plaster mold to be filled with molten metal and then send our jewelry to the master stone setter, who perfectly polishes and sets the stones into place.

Our custom pieces ensure that you get the quality of jewelry you want in the exact shape and style that fits you.

Will my DeSumma & Wexler purchase arrive gift wrapped?2018-07-19T19:25:25+00:00

We are happy to wrap your purchase as a gift per request at checkout. We want to make your purchase experience as personalized as possible so you are able to make your purchase with confidence. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed at DeSumma & Wexler Fine Jewelry!

How can I make returns or exchanges?2018-07-19T19:25:38+00:00

Merchandise must be returned within 7 days of the original purchase date and must be in new and unused condition. Worn and/or special order merchandise cannot be returned. All receipts must accompany returned merchandise and the customer will receive a credit on charge card used or a check refund, depending on the original payment method.

We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you find that your jewelry quality was not as we represented it to be from an independent GIA appraiser.

Any workmanship defect in our jewelry is not your responsibility. We stand behind our quality and workmanship!

What are the available shipping options?2018-07-19T19:25:52+00:00

Any in-stock items can be shipped the same day and are available for next day delivery if you choose to use this delivery method.

You can expect to have a full 7-day money back shipping policy (less shipping and handling charges) once you receive your purchase and only the most personalized customer assistance.

What if I need extra help or advice about my purchase?2018-07-19T19:26:10+00:00

If you are making an out-of-store purchase and are seeking extra assistance, you will always be greeted by a real person when you call 215-627-5379.

If you are looking to make an in-store purchase, owners, and founders, Ron DeSumma and Bill Wexler, are always in store during business hours. Additionally, all of our salespeople are jewelry professionals with GIA credentials. So, whether you are making your purchase out-of-store or in-store, our professionals are here to assist you in feeling comfortable and satisfied with the purchase you make.

Why is it beneficial to buy from a local jeweler?2018-07-19T19:26:27+00:00

When purchasing jewelry from a local jeweler, you can be sure that you are getting the true value for your money. At DeSumma & Wexler, we provide you with a comfortable atmosphere without the pressure of hard selling and establish long-term relationships with our clients. We care enough to provide our consumers with knowledgeable staff and deal with only certified & best quality diamonds & jewelry. Consumers can expect honest and reliable professional advice and satisfactory attention, combined with before and after sale services only from a local jeweler.

How do I care for my jewelry?2018-07-19T19:26:45+00:00

Jewelry requires proper care and treatment for its longevity so that it can be handed down as heirlooms to future generations without losing its shine and sparkle. The regular cleaning of Jewelry is essential to maintain shine and brilliance of Jewelry’s gemstones and metal. Jewelry can get dirty after wear as it comes in contact with various skin and body care solutions such as soaps, lotions, and your skin’s natural oils. Even when you are not wearing your Jewelry, the pieces may collect dust.

You can clean your Jewelry at home on your own by using a soft brush, water, and soap or by purchasing readymade Jewelry cleaners. You may also utilize the services of a professional jeweler to keep jewelry clean.

Jewelry should be stored individually in a soft cloth pouch or plastic zip-lock bags to ensure that a piece of jewelry or gemstone should not scratch other jewelry or gemstones. You should not wear jewelry while doing heavy work, housework or gardening as it can be scratched. You should avoid any situation where your jewelry comes in contact with chlorine bleach, hair spray, and other chemicals because these products can severely discolor and damage your jewelry.

Whats the difference between carat and karat?2018-07-19T19:34:49+00:00

When shopping for jewelry, it’s not unusual to start wondering what the difference is between a carat and a karat. Both the terms are used for the purpose of measurement. The term ‘carat’ refers to the weight of a diamond. Each carat is divided into 100 points. Therefore, a 1/4 carat diamond is considered as 25 points and 1/2 carat diamond is considered as 50 points and so on. Carat is also used in its abbreviated ‘ct’ form. On the other hand, a ‘karat’ is a measurement used to measure the purity of gold, with 24 karat being the purest. The measurement gauges how much gold vs. How much alloy is in the piece of jewelry. If a jewelry item contains 18 karat gold that means it has eighteen parts pure gold and six parts other metal alloys. Karat is also used in its abbreviated ‘kt’ form.

How do I care for my diamonds?2018-07-19T19:36:53+00:00

Regular cleaning of diamond jewelry is essential to maintain shine and brilliance of diamonds. On wearing them, they get dirty as you use various skin and body care regimens such as soaps, lotions and even our skins natural oils. Even when you are not wearing them, they collect dust. You can clean your diamonds at home on your own by using a soft brush, water, and soap or by using readymade jewelry cleaners. You can also take the services of a professional jeweler, where he will check the security of the settings also. Diamond jewelry should be stored individually in a soft cloth pouch to ensure that a diamond should not scratch other diamonds or other jewelry. You should not wear diamond jewelry while doing heavy work. You should avoid the situation where your diamonds come in contact with chlorine bleach, hair spray or other chemicals because they can pit or discolor the mounting. To learn more, click on diamond care.

What is carat weight?2018-07-19T19:37:55+00:00

The term “Carat” refers to the weight of a diamond. Each carat is divided into 100 points. Therefore, a 1/4 carat diamond is considered as 25 points and 1/2 carat diamond is considered as 50 points and so on. When diamonds are mined, large diamonds are discovered rarely in comparison to small ones, which make large diamonds much more valuable. For that reason, the price of a diamond rises exponentially with its size. So, a 2 carat diamond of a given quality is always worth much more than two 1 carat diamonds of the equal quality.

What is diamond clarity?2018-06-04T16:31:43+00:00

Clarity is a term used to describe the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. In other words, the clarity of a diamond refers to a diamonds clearness or purity. When these flaws/marks occur internally, they are called inclusions and when these flaws occur on the surface, they are known as blemishes. These slight flaws make every diamond quite unique but they also do affect the beauty and value of the diamond. Diamond clarity grading scale grades a diamond with any of the following grades: F (Flawless), IF (Internally Flawless), VVS1 – VVS2 (Very, Very Slightly Included – 1 & 2), VS1 – VS2 (Very Slightly Included – 1 & 2), SI1 – SI2 (Slightly Included – 1 & 2), I1 – I2 – I3 (Included – 1, 2 & 3).

What does diamond color describe?2018-06-04T16:29:25+00:00

Diamonds are found in all colors of the rainbow, from colorless and transparent stones to ink black ones. Varying degrees of yellow or brown color is common in most of the diamonds and a slight difference in color can make a substantial difference in value. A truly colorless diamond is extremely rare and considered the most valuable. It allows the most light to pass through the stone and creates the most brilliance. The color scale goes from D to Z, with D being the most white and Z being the most yellow.

What is a diamond cut?2018-06-04T16:26:09+00:00

Diamond Cut is the most important property to increase a diamond’s beauty because a well-cut diamond reflects light to maximize the stone’s brilliance. A diamond with perfect color and clarity could nevertheless have poor brilliance if it is not well cut. A stone can be cut in various shapes such as Round, Princess, Heart, Oval, Pear etc. A stone’s cut by depth can be described with Shallow Cut, Deep Cut or Ideal Cut.

What should I remember when purchasing a diamond?2018-06-04T16:22:10+00:00

Always consider the 4Cs of diamonds – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight, as a base for your buying decision. These 4Cs will help you to choose the best diamonds on the same criteria on which jewelers use to select them. Click here to learn more.

Where are you located?2018-07-19T19:40:19+00:00

DeSumma & Wexler is located on Philadelphia’s historical Jeweler’s Row on the corner of 8th and Sansom:
734 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

How can I talk to a sales associate?2018-07-19T19:27:11+00:00

Speak to one of our associates now by clicking on the chat message at the bottom right corner of this website. If you would like to schedule an in-store meeting, click the ‘Schedule Consultation’ button on our main menu, or give us a call during our store hours: (215)-627-5379

How can I find quality loose diamonds?2018-07-19T19:27:28+00:00

You can visit our Diamonds page and use the filter to browse through thousands of diamonds from hundreds of suppliers across the U.S. If you would like to set up an in-store appointment to inspect the diamond, you can schedule a meeting with one of our expert jewelers bu clicking ‘Schedule a Consultation.’

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