Jewelry Repair

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Quick Tips

If your jewelry is damaged, it is always recommended to get it repaired as soon as possible before more damage occurs or additional links, stones or other decorative elements fall off and are lost. Be sure to collect any loose pieces you can and bring them with you to our shop, as our jeweler may be able to use them in the repair.


We accept insurance for jewelry repairs. We recommend investing in an insurance policy if you work outside or with your hands, or if you think you may have a high likelihood of damaging your jewelry. Some of our clients have to save hundreds— even thousands of dollars through insurance plans. Visit for more information.


Cost of a repair depends on several factors. First, costs may be offset if your jewelry is under warranty or insured. Otherwise, the cost is affected by factors such as the level of difficulty of the repair, the cost of the parts (for example, a new diamond vs. a new clasp), and how quickly you need the repair made.

Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry you wear regularly, especially diamond rings, can benefit from a cleaning and inspection twice a year to prevent damage that occurs over time from normal wear and tear. In addition to cleaning and polishing, our jeweler will check on the overall condition of your jewelry to make sure stones are not coming loose or clasps are not bent.

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